WSIB Programs of Care

C.S. Physiotherapy and Wellness offers WSIB Programs for the Greater Kingston area. The programs that we are able to treat patients under include:

WSIB Low Back Program of Care (POC)

WSIB Non-Surgical Fracture Episode of Care

WSIB Shoulder Program of Care

WSIB Musculoskeletal Program of Care

We also accept WSIB clients who have complex or multiple injuries which fall outside of the Programs of Care (POC) delivery model. Many of our WSIB patients have ended up under our care after having undergone surgeries or short term/prolonged absences from work.

We offer: Return To Work (RTW) programs & coordination with employers and insurers, Work Hardening Programs, Chronic Pain Reactivation Programs as well as pre and  post operative rehabilitation.

Scott McAllister specializes in delivering WSIB rehabilitation programs in the Greater Kingston Area.

If you or your medical team believe you require modification to your regular work, please fill out the top section of the FAF form and bring it with you to your first appointment so our Kinesiologist/Physiotherapist can outline what is safe vs unsafe for you to do at work and whether modification to your working hours is necessary.
We also keep a close eye on your ability accomplish your regular work throughout your rehabilitation program and can provide your employer and case manager Functional Abilities Forms (FAF) every 1 or 2 weeks (as required).



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