Motor Vehicle Accident Care

If you have been involved in a car accident, even at slow speeds, you may have experienced whiplash or other traumas caused by impact. Impact traumas like those experienced in motor vehicle collisions can be traumatic to the tissues of the neck and spine. Sudden stopping or accelerations can lead to the over-stretching of joints, ligaments and tendons in the upper back and neck. You’re likely to experience discomfort in the neck and upper back during the time of healing from this trauma, in some cases soft-tissues can take 6+ weeks to heal.

To reduce the impact of these traumas on the tissues long term, a proper rehabilitation program should be completed. To avoid this long term injury, at C.S. Physiotherapy and Wellness, we begin by reducing the pain experienced, while evaluating what range of motion limitations you may be experiencing. Our top priority is to rehabilitate injured musculature in the target areas, and help you stabilize those muscles to reach a regular pain free state once again. We’ll work closely with physicians in severe cases to ensure a full recovery so you can return to normal as soon as possible.