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How can Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy Help?

Preventative, Restorative, Educational

  • Preventative interventions are aimed at optimizing pelvic health during the reproductive years, as women transition through menopause, and for those who wish to take their core strength to a new level. Education and  individually prescribed exercises are provided by knowledgeable pelvic health therapists. ​

  • When pelvic health changes, pelvic health physiotherapists can assess for impairments and implement a restorative treatment plan. Restorative interventions often include a combination of education about pelvic anatomy and function, manual techniques to restore muscle and connective tissue health, and unique exercises to optimize awareness, contractility, and function of the pelvic floor muscles as they fire independently as well as part of the integrated body system.

  • Providing education and sharing our knowledge of a poorly understood area is a key component of pelvic health physiotherapy. Knowledge allows us to understand where we are, empowers us to change behaviors, and gives us tools to move forwards.
Pelvic floor physiotherapy is not only for women; men and children can also suffer from symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction and could benefit from specific treatment techniques offered by a qualified pelvic floor physiotherapist.